Press about The Wish List

I am very lucky to have the most brilliant, AWARD-WINNING publicity manager at Harper Collins called Joe, who’s worked on all three of my books. And while I become a ball of nervous angst at this time of year, a few days out from publication, he is the calmest, most soothing person who sends me lovely bits of press. HERE is a link to the Standard round-up of best books out this month, HERE is one from The i newspaper, and HERE is a link to a similar round up which Red magazine have done.

I also spoke to a charming guy called Dan for the Writer’s Routine podcast which you can listen to HERE. (The day that he interviewed me was the day that I felt especially woolly from all the egg freezing drugs, so God knows if I said anything sensible. I hope so.)

PLUS the Daily Record ran the most generous piece ever last weekend in their Bookclub slot which I have attached to this page although it’s teeny tiny and I don’t know how to make it bigger. But you get the gist from the headline. Wahooooooo.

There have also been various other little bits and bobs in papers and magazines and I believe there’s more to come over the next few weeks, as well as some stupendously kind reviews from bloggers. Having come from the more brutal world of journalism, I’ve always been flabbergasted at the kindness and enthusiasm of the book community. This support means more than ever this year for obvious reasons, so thank you all. If I could have ‘Queen of the rom-com’ on my gravestone one day, that would make me delirious (well, I’d already be quite delirious because I’d be dead, but you know what I mean).