A slightly long-winded thing about curry

I drove down to my mum’s house in Sussex from London today, an eventful journey because the traffic was appalling (people desperately beating their ways to the shops after one or even two whole days of being unable to buy anything), and also because half-way here a yellow warning light started flashing on my dashboard and the car started juddering.

I duly pulled into a petrol station in Guildford and got out to inspect the car. Slightly embarrassing, this, because I was wearing blue harem trousers, Ugg boots, a fur gilet and my hair was flying all over the place. I could see men sighing as I squatted on the forecourt and spent circa four hours googling what what my tyre pressure should be. One of the men eventually told me I would find the right pressure levels on a little sticker inside the driver’s door. I then spent another four hours putting 50p after 50p into the air machine and making sure the tyres were alright.

Back on the road, a different light came on but I decided to ignore it. I finally got home after about three hours and have spent quite a large chunk of the afternoon on nerdy car forums where they talk about things like torque and the size of their wheel rims (not even a euphemism). I can’t really be bothered to go into it but it’s something to do with traction control and magical run flat baked alaska tyres. So that’s a fun unbelievably boring job to sort out this week.

Anyway, point being of ALL of this is that just before I got home (fairly bad-tempered) I spotted a sign outside the Indian restaurant in Petworth, my mum’s nearest town, which cheered me up no end.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 18.32.50


Later at home, I was told we were GENUINELY having turkey curry for supper because Mum had found a recipe on the internet – ‘Easy Tasty Turkey Jalfrezi’. My sister Instagrammed a picture of me pulling meat off the carcass.




Mum was upset I didn’t tie my hair back to do this, but I said it had been quite a long day.