The Gandyman

Sometimes, as a journalist, you have to tackle the tough stories and ask the tough questions. Other times, you get to interview the world’s most famous male model (as I say in the piece, name another one). Despite my awful preconceptions that he might not have much to say, I fell for David Gandy, who’s a throughly charming and wise man. What I didn’t say in the interview (read it HERE) is that we spent the first half an hour or so discussing the intricacies of showers (walk-in or enclosure?), because he’s currently in the middle of a renovation project and I’m just finishing mine. (‘David, please tell me more about your showers’ etc etc). We also did a fair bit on dogs, since he was the first ever ambassador for Battersea Cats and Dogs and offered to take me there to have a look and maybe choose one, because I think next year may be the year of the dog for me. Imagine David Gandy taking you on a tour of Battersea Cats and Dogs home. Absurd. So watch this space…