A thing about Olympic diving

I happened to flick on the Olympic diving the other night, the night that Tom Daley and the other one won bronze. In the past four years, I’d forgotten that this is what happens when you start watching Olympic diving: for the first few minutes, you look at the muscly people diving and the commentator goes ‘Oh, that’s a terrible over-rotation, what a pity they totally let themselves down there.’ And you’re like ‘WHAT? I’ve literally never seen anything more incredible in my life.’

But give it a few more minutes and you’re all ‘Ha ha, the Mexicans royally ballsed that triple-decker flip up. And look at that enormous splash! They’re not going to get in the 90s for that. Morons.’

Anyway, already my favourite thing about today is this gif I saw on Twitter of the Chinese. Have watched it maybe 400 times.