My third and final marathon. Maybe.

It was in Amsterdam, and I finished in 3.51, which is SPOOKY as that’s exactly what I got in Istanbul last year too – and waaaaay better than the 4.05 I got in Oslo the year before that. The Amsterdam course is a goodie. You weave along canals and see actual windmills and everything. Plus, no hills. Plus, you can gorge yourself on carby Dutch food afterwards. Pancakes, apple cakes, something called Boterkoek which is so outrageous it should be illegal. It translates as Butter Cake. Basically, I was down with anything that had the word ‘cake’ in it.

A week on and my knees are still bloody AGONY though. So I’m not sure whether I can run another one. Although there is something called the Himalayan 100 Mile Race which happens every October just outside Milton Keynes. Just joking, it’s in the Himalayas. As I’m 30 next year I want to do something mega. I may never walk again but it IS supposed to be the most spectacular running in the world.

I’m also climbing the Matterhorn in July with my dad, but have naff all climbing experience and I am one of those people who has to do ‘girly’ press ups – with my knees on the floor – because I have the upper body strength of a cheesestring. So I should probably stop eating cake and get back into the training saddle.

Anyway, here is a picture of two girlfriends and me just after the Amsterdam run. I may be smiling but my knees are screaming in pain and all I’m thinking is ‘CAKE. I MUST HAVE CAKE. WHERE IS ALL THE CAKE?’

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.53.03