Today’s column and Dame Barbara

HERE is today’s Sun Tel column. And HERE is a story about the excellent Quality Street wheeze at John Lewis should you be interested. I’m back in Yorkshire, another few days to go, and have just reached 100,000 words of the new book which is cheering. Although a friend texted me last week saying Barbara Cartland wrote 773 books, so I need to crack on a bit if I want to lie on a day-bed dictating racy scenes to a secretary. While investigating my friend’s claim I found a jolly NT Times obit on her – HERE you go. I love this line in particular:

”People don’t roll around naked in my books,” she said in an interview in 1987. ”I do allow them to go to bed if they’re married, but it’s all very wonderful and the moon beams.”

I fall down a bit here with my books. At a Q&A in the Cotswolds the other day, the evening kicked off with me reading a passage from The Plus One where my heroine, Polly, is being neurotic about having sex in the shower. I’m not sure Dame Barbara would have approved but the times they are a changin’ etc etc etc.