UPDATE: My talk at LSE

This is my favourite photo from the event, taken at the point where I was banging on about how you must always do anything that an editor asks of you. EVEN going on weird lemon juice diets and having colonic irrigation in an effort to look like Madonna.

Anyway, it was great, the audience were WONDERFUL. I’m a moron because I forgot to say we offer work experience and internships at Tatler. So if YOU are keen and interested then please by all means send a very charming letter and your CV to my colleague, Luciana Bellini. We are a bit old school with this though as your application has to come via the actual post. I know, can you believe it? But if you don’t mind going to the post office and bankrupting yourself by buying a stamp, then that would be completely marvellous.

I am now very dangerously dehydrated having sweated so much through my palms, but I am off to Style mag’s Christmas party tonight so I will rehydrate with champagne and stuff my face with cheese straws. It’s fine because I know of a *really brilliant* diet that I can go on in January.