Rock ‘n’ Roll Wednesdays

I went to my friend Olly’s house for supper last night, and he had a few bottles of this rosé kicking about. An enterprising friend of his has bought 1000 magnums of the stuff and designed his own label for it. I didn’t drink that much for a Wednesday night, only 12 or 13 glasses probably, but can testify that is is excellent. If you’re the sort of wag who enjoys word play on their wine bottles, then buy some HERE.

Who knows what Slash would think* but he’s a pretty chilled guy so it’s probably fine.


*I know Slash is doing his own thing now, but for gag purposes he is inherently more amusing than the rest of them, so please don’t be dreary and email me saying ‘YOU TOTAL THICKO HE’S NOT EVEN IN THE BAND ANYMORE.’