What Happens Now? is a best of!

Cheerful end of year news: Woman & Home have made What Happens Now? their best romance book of 2019 and I am PSYCHED by their v lovely words about it. I once won a raffle prize, when I was about seven, to go to the premiere of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. Was obsessed with those turtles, mostly Leonardo because he was the blue one and blue was my favourite colour. Anyway, I can’t remember why but we couldn’t go. I think maybe my parents were away? So we had to give the raffle prize to someone else at school and, 27 years on, I’m still smarting about it. So being awarded this accolade is very wonderful. Oh and if you want to buy it as a Christmas present for someone (shock your uptight mother-in-law?) you can do HERE.