Who’s the daddy? Modern illegitimate Royals, from Tatler’s November issue

There I was, idly eating chocolate and flicking through my Sunday Times one day –  a Sunday, I’m guessing – and my eye fell upon a story about a Spanish waiter fighting a battle for recognition from the man he insisted was his father. His father, said the waiter, was the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I.

Now, Juan Carlos I has form in this department. He has reportedly boffed over 2,000 women and apparently had an affair with Princess Diana. Here is an awkward shot of them flirting while Prince Charles looks a bit sad :(

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 16.34.18


Anyway, alas for poor Alberto the waiter, Juan Carlos has thus far ignored all his efforts to prove his paternity. But it was particularly interesting to me, this story in the Sunday Times, because Alberto the waiter works in a cafe in the Spanish town where my dad lives. So I went to Spain to see if he’d talk to me. And you’ll never guess what? Lovely Alberto did talk to me. And then I found out there there are various other people fighting for recognition from Royal families. So I spoke to some of them too. HERE’S the whole story:


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