Ben Stiller’s new film

I’m not talking about Zoolander 2 because I’m bored of all the commotion about it already and if I hear another half-wit say ‘blue steel’ one more time I will kick them hard in the shins.

I actually went to a screening of While We’re Young tonight, a new film by the American writer and director Noah Baumbach. It’s about a bored, static, middle-aged couple (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) who become friends with a hipster young couple (Adam from Girls and Amanda Seyfriend) who live with one chicken and two kittens in a hipster apartment.

Good things: it’s very funny, Ben Stiller and Adam from Girls are a dream team, there is an amusing scene in which the foursome take ayahuasca (a hallucinogenic drug that Vogue covered last year, keep up), it is only 90 minutes long. It is quite Woody Allen-esque. It is not Zoolander 2.

Bad things: it makes you a bit depressed about getting older at first, but then less depressed about this by the end. It is quite Woody Allen-esque.

Anyway, it opens at the end of this month, go see it for waaaay better gags than there will be in Zoolander 2. Here is a trailer: