A few updates from the coldest train in Britain

Am on the train coming down from Edinburgh where Lloyd has been doing two stand-up shows. We’ve just left York. I feel like I’ve been on this train for days. I might die of old age on this train. Or pneumonia since it’s oddly freezing and I keep putting on more layers. And if I don’t die of old age or pneumonia I’ll die of hangover, since we went out after Lloyd’s show last night for a curry and 84 glasses of red wine. The third curry I’d eaten in 24 hours. The Edinburgh Fringe diet is something else.

Oh if you’re going up and want some comedy recommendations, go and see Tom Lucy, Sean McLoughlin, Brian Gittins and, if you’ve got kids, Charlie Baker. Super sweet show about a singing goat. I’d recommend Lloyd obviously, but he isn’t up there all month, only did two nights as a work in progress.

Exciting things that happened while I was up there included getting a lovely review in The Observer. My publisher had warned me they were covering it and I was bricking it, but they were NICE and I was so grateful when I read it. And today a piece I’ve written in Grazia – 30 ways sex changes in your 30s – has come out. But you’ll have to go and buy a copy since I don’t have a link to it. Sorry.

The other thing I’ve found amazing over the past few days, genuinely so touching and thrilling, is the number of people who’ve got in touch with me about the book. Talking about different characters, saying that they’ve loved it and so on. And I grin madly every time I’m tagged in pictures of the book by readers, which is incredibly vain and sounds a bit smug. It’s not meant to. It’s just that every time it happens I want to do a little dance.

Final bit of trumpet blowing for today. I’m going into the Hello! offices tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) to do a Facebook Live for them at 1pm. Which means I’ll be broadcast on their Hello! Facebook page (link HERE) chatting about the book and all things related to it. As long as I don’t expire on this very cold train, that is.