The Vikings are coming…

I’m v proud to have written a story for The Spectator this week, about the rise and rise of Danish sperm donors. It was a phenomenon I learned about while recording my egg freezing podcast three years ago, and in fact I interviewed a lovely Danish chap I called John for that, who’s mentioned in my Spec piece. But I wasn’t aware of all the contributing factors until I started work on this piece. Am enormously grateful to everyone I spoke to for it. You can read it HERE.

Otherwise am only sorry (as per) that I’ve been extremely absent on here of late. I’ve just been juggling book edits, research for a very exciting new book idea, Danish sperm, other bits and bobs of journalism plus a trip to Hong Kong where I got Covid for the FIFTH time. FIVE times. Extremely boring. Anyone else had it that many times? In an effort to boost my immune system, I went to the health food shop in Crystal Palace the other day and, well, the upshot is I now take 10 different vitamins with my breakfast every day. Although three of these vitamins are for women over the age of 50 because I didn’t read the label on the jar properly, so I should probably check that one of these 10 pills include whatever it is that we’re supposed to take for eyesight. Or up my carrot intake.

Anyway, if you’ve missed me, you can see all my recent Tel stuff HERE. And I’ve done various pieces for The Times in recent weeks, including an insightful look at the war in Ukraine a lament about the sad decline of Pret, a piece about the ‘work ick’ for Style mag, a column on how to eat a pear and a piece on my bonkers weekend in Dubai, covering the opening of the new Atlantis hotel.