A mad 10 days

Right. Don’t really know where to begin. Feels like a lotttttt has happened since I last posted – What Happens Now? came out, got some incredibly lovely reviews, went to Cornwall for the long weekend, slightly collapsed with tiredness and had to spend 24 hours in bed, returned to London, had a car drama which involved going to Car Giant 27 times in a a few days, had a celebratory publication lunch in Flor (Borough Market) which is quite as wonderful as reviewers have said (and has extraordinarily handsome staff), had my launch party in a sparkly dress in Soho, got in the car the next morning and drove to Norfolk where I am now living for the next three months, writing the next book. Phew.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. And now I’m sitting in an armchair with windows that overlook the North Norfolk marshes with all the Sunday papers at my feet. There are fig and pear trees in the garden and when the tide comes in, it’s right up to the garden fence. I am yet to swim. Maybe tomorrow?