A thing about art

A friend of mine organised an art exhibition and dinner at L’Escargot in Soho last night. It’s a French joint with a very vibrant carpet where they dole out the best snails in London. I didn’t eat snails but we did eat supper while two young artists painted a brilliant, naked transgender lady called Stephanie (or sometimes called Kevin, she was quite relaxed about that) in front of us.

The aim, according to an enthusiastic pair of curators called Magdalena Poppy Moursy and Hugo Wheeler, was to try and recreate the air of a French salon – eating and drinking while art was being made right there and then.

It’s appalling to namedrop isn’t it, but there was a real-life duke who looked quite surprised at the entertainment. And then everyone stopped blushing and concentrated on their steak tartare while the artists got on with the job in front of them.

Here are the [nearly] finished works. Perky, no? So imagine that, next time you’re sitting in a restaurant and they’re just playing some boring old piano music.