A thing about LA and my piece for the Mail

The wizard and me at the Magic Castle

Morning all. Back in sunny London after three seconds in sunny LA. It was a trip I was kindly sent on by the Mail to cover Gwyneth Paltrow’s first ever ‘Wellness Summit’ and you can read my piece about it HERE.

It was a ball. LA, I mean. My brother has recently moved out there so we packed in various activities in one day: we went for what the Americans call a hike and we call a walk, we ate Mexican food in a farmers’ market, we lounged about in Soho House in Hollywood, we went to The Magic Castle and, later, I sat behind Meg Ryan in my hotel and tried to eavesdrop on her conversation.

Also, it seems driving Ubers is the new waiting tables. Every single Uber driver I had was not apparently an Uber driver but an actor or a screenplay writer. ‘Yeah, I used to be a journalist, but then I realised screenplays were more lucrative,’ said a lady who drove me back to my hotel in her Toyota Prius on Saturday evening.

Anyway, I’m home again and I had a bowl of pesto pasta for supper last night and a mug of Special K for my pudding. So I think we can say I’ve escaped unharmed.

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