Ho ho ho…

Last weekend’s column on rugby HERE. Today’s column on husbands HERE. I promise that Mumsnet story is true. Honestly, read the comments on the post HERE. Well worth it. I couldn’t write them all because I didn’t have space in my column and also because the Telegraph is a family newspaper, thank you very much.

Talking of the Tel, if you were one of the wonderfully generous people who called up last Sunday to donate to the Christmas charity appeal, then thank you VERY MUCH. It’s the loveliest thing to do – various writers head into Telegraph Towers to man (or woman, no sexism here) the phones and take donations from the readers. I think you can still donate if you like actually. Yes you can, I just checked and the link is HERE. I kept thinking the telly must be on because I could hear Richard Madeley’s voice but, no, he was just sitting nearby (he’s also a Telegraph columnist) and I could overhear him. I think my favourite caller was the nice chap who read out his card details to me and sounded astonished at its expiration date. ‘I think I’ll probably expire before then.’ Gems, each and every one of the people who called up, so thank you.

At boarding school, in the sixth form, there was a payphone (IMAGINE such a thing. We might as well have had a penny-farthing) which boys would very occasionally ring, and one of us would answer saying ‘Hello, this is the Wycombe Abbey bakery. Which tart would you like?’ and we’d all laugh about it for several days afterwards. So I hope, at least, that I was more professional than that last weekend.