This week’s Sunday Telegraph column

Bit hungover* and can’t think of any jokes to present this. So here are some thoughts on the election. Click HERE.

*Went to The Chess Club last night, new members’ club in Mayfair (there was a shortage of them) which I wanted to check out because the excellent Jackson Boxer, him from Brunswick House in Vauxhall, is in charge of the kitchen. It was ace. Actual chess boards and chess magazines in the bar upstairs should you want to have a knock about with a pawn. Restaurant downstairs which doles out a v. English menu which I now can’t remember and it isn’t online BUT includes things like grilled asparagus with spoons and spoons and SPOONS (you get the point) of hollandaise and delicate little slithers of lamb with roasted cauliflower. Also, because Jackson’s well into his wine, a long wine list which goes up to the usual ££££ BUT we had a Spanish bottle of red for £26 which was delicious. On top of the champagne and tequila. Good that I’ve learned to drink so sensibly aged 32.