Today’s Sunday Telegraph column: goodbyes

I went to Twickenham at 1pm yesterday for the England Australia game and left there at 9pm so feeling quite s-l-o-w today. I really wanted to write something heartfelt and moving about today’s Sunday Telegraph column, a column about how much I hate goodbyes since I officially left Tatler on Friday. But despite the 53 bits of toast and marmalade I’ve eaten this morning I’m not sure I’ve got it in me, so am just going to leave the column HERE for you to read instead.

Also, RE this picture: whenever anyone leaves a newspaper/magazine, the tradition is that you’re given a front page with a picture of yourself on it and various jaunty headlines/coverlines. I still have mine from the Evening Standard and the Mail, and will frame this one to go with them. I was given it when I left Vogue House on Friday afternoon and am still laughing about the lunchtime/teatime line.