BIG lunchtime discussion in the Tatler office today: if Princess Charlotte marries, and marries a man, would he automatically become a prince?

So I tweeted this, thinking ‘What a jolly interesting and excellent constitutional question. This will be a welcome diversion from all the election tripe on Twitter.’

And instantly most people replied, princess-shaming me, saying ‘God what a total thicko, obviously not. Look at Princess Anne and Captain Phillips. JESUS, can’t Tatler get these things right???’

I KNOW ABOUT PRINCESS ANNE. The thing is, I was assuming the situation would be more equal now that the monarchy has been tinkered with to give Charlotte the same rights as her brother and any future siblings. Surely, if Prince George marries a woman and she becomes a princess, then the same should now apply to Princess Charlotte’s potential husband? But what do I know. NOTHING, clearly.

Also, any minute now I’m expecting a rabid tweet from someone saying ‘DON’T BE SO DISGUSTIN SHES JUST A BABE PEDOS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE LOCKED UP.’