A thing about a brilliant new TV series

My friend Dan Jones is on the telly at the moment in his new history series, Britain’s Bloody Crown. It’s on Channel 5 but don’t let that put you off. It’s a v good four-part series about the Wars of the Roses and airs every Thursday at 8pm, which is excellent because you’re done by 9 and can be in bed before 10.

Here are 8 other compelling reasons to watch it:

1. Dan wears a natty Belstaff coat throughout, and you’d never see Starkey in one of those.

2. The reenactment actors are quite good-looking and one of the queens looks like Natalie Portman.

3. Dan uses words like ‘imbecilic’ to describe kings.

4. There are lots of castles in it. Eg. Bamburgh and Middleham. And another one called Cockermouth.

5. Dan doesn’t use confusing historical terminology. ‘He’s basically married a chav,’ he says, when explaining Edward IV’s decision to marry Elizabeth Woodville.

6. If you’re ever in a pub quiz and asked about the Wars of the Roses, you might be able to answer it.

7. This week’s episode (Thursday at 8pm!) is about the princes in the tower, and everybody loves that story.

8. At 8pm this Thursday, your other options include something called World’s Sneakiest Animals and Emmerdale.