A thing about a nutritional party

Given that spiralised courgette is our new religion*, last night I went to the launch of a nutritional supplement at Annabel’s on Berkeley Square. There, a well-connected nutritionist called Gabriela Peacock was giving dinner for 100 people to celebrate her new range, GP Nutrition.

It’s made up of five different boxes called things like Enhance Me, Slim Me and Boost Me, all containing magical ingredients which will make us shinier, better, more regular versions of ourselves. Find them HERE.

Gabriela’s guests included James Blunt, who gave an introductory talk saying he intended to drink as much as he could that night before purging himself with these supplements. Also, Jeremy Clarkson, who sat meekly eating a kale supper between nipping out for fag breaks. Princess Eugenie sat opposite Brendan Cole off of Strictly. And human mannequins Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue did a marvellous job of posing with one leg in front of another for the photographers.

Gabriela – charming, tall, terifically glamorous in a Victoria Beckham dress – left a little parcel of these supplements at each of our place settings. And as I drank two martinis and a glass or four of red wine, I swallowed three ‘Clean Me’ pills on the way home. They contain things like zinc and broccoli extract. I woke this morning feeling pretty perky as it happens. I did get up and put my knickers on inside out, but everyone does that sometimes.

*I appreciate a dwindling number of diehard traditionalists may be sticking with things like Catholicism and Judaism.