A thing about a restaurant in Budapest

To Hungary for a couple of days to visit a film set which I can’t tell you about because it’s terribly secret, but it looks mega.

Anyway, if you ever happen to find yourself peckish in Budapest then you must immediately head straight for a Hungarian Jewish restaurant called Rosenstein. I went on Friday night with my siblings and a couple of actors from the film and we got roaringly drunk on excellent Hungarian red wine. I don’t think I ordered the rooster testicles or lung stew, although I was so pissed I could easily have done.

Next, Mr Rosenstein himself appeared from the kitchen, beaming in his chef whites at having spotted both the actors in his restaurant and my magical brother, Drum. Apparently his three daughters are big fans of Drum, having watched his TV show last year. There followed lots of excited laughing and cheering at all this, even more Hungarian red wine and an orgy of photo taking, before Mr Rosenstein disappeared and came back again with signed copies of his cookery book for all of us.

It contains recipes for calf tongue casserole, goose giblets casserole, lungs with bread dumplings, stuffed goose neck risotto and pig ear salad. So you must all come over to mine for supper v soon.