A thing about Gstaad

I am in Gstaad for the weekend for a friend’s birthday party, which I know is an appallingly showy-offy thing to say but there we go. Can’t be helped.

I flew EasyJet here though so I’m v much still a woman of the people. And here’s a new travel tip for you – make sure that you’re incredibly late and a bit pissed* when you check in online for a flight.

That’s exactly what I did on Thursday night before flying out here. I got home at about midnight and realised I hadn’t checked in for the flight early the following morning. So I try to locate my laptop, eventually find laptop under pile of clothes in bedroom, tried to find laptop charger, can’t find laptop charger, download EasyJet app on mobile instead, realise I need to retrieve email with my EasyJet confirmation number on it, spend 10 minutes trying to find email, eventually check in via EasyJet app, bit annoyed that I am clearly the last person to check in and they have given me 10E which means I am sitting in the middle of the row but, also by this point, life’s too short and I really need to have a big glass of water and go to bed because I need to get up again in about five minutes.

Turns out that 10E is the spacious, emergency exit row of the plane and I have the whole thing to myself, while every other row was rammed full of people looking quite jealously at me. Presumably, no one wanted to shell out for the privilege of sitting there and, as I was so late checking in, they just shoved me there instead.

I’m hoping the same will apply on the flight home tomorrow because my diet here has been 90 per cent melted cheese and it’s likely that I’ll need to spread out over two seats.

*Although not so pissed that you are incapable of packing, like the time I ended up in Barcelona with 17 pairs of knickers and one shoe in my bag because I’d drunk too much gin the night before leaving.

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Uber Gstaad