A thing about Nashville

So I’m late to the barn-dance with this one, but I’ve just started watching the  TV series Nashville. This is largely because I was sick of various colleagues drifting into the office every morning and yakking on about it. Also, because I have finished dribbling over Dominic West in The Affair.

Whatever. Point being, Nashville is excellent. And obviously, when I say ‘excellent’, I do not mean it is challenging in any way. It’s just joyfully uncomplicated, escapist TV.

It’s set in Bognor Regis. Just joking. It’s actually set in Nashville in Tennessee, and it’s about a bunch of country singers with outstanding hair.


Rayna has the best hair


Juliette has the second-best hair


Scarlett has the third-best hair but she is a total drip

I’m only half-way through the first series and the ‘storyline’ seems to go like this: they all hate each other, then they sing some songs, then they all like each other. Repeat. As I said, excellent.

A side effect seems to be that I have developed an alarming enthusiasm for country music. I listened to Eric Church on the way into work this morning and wanted to dosey doe down Oxford Street. My friend Emily is similarly gripped by Nashville and she also lives in America, poor thing, so she has pointed me in the direction of more country singers she rates. These include Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Tim Hicks and Tyler Farr if you want to track them down on Spotify.

There are three series (with over 20 episodes each), and they’re working on a fourth. Yeeeeehaaaaa. So if you’re in that idle, aimless state between box-sets when you feel like your life has no meaning, then start watching it.

Meanwhile, I’ll mostly be sitting at home on the sofa, wearing this nice t-shirt.