An update about Happy Valley

James is still quite sad.

Honestly, I’ve just watched part three and it’s the best thing on TV right now. Tuesday nights, BBC. I told you before. Three more installments to go.

Although I quite loved the first episode of The Night Manager with Hugh Laurie as a baddie (the new John le Carré on BBC1 on Sunday nights), and remain transfixed by Ross from Friends as Robert Kardashian in BBC2’s The People versus OJ Simpson. That’s on Monday nights.

Occasionally, on other nights of the week, I decide I shouldn’t loll about on my sofa trying to drink red wine while remaining fully horizontal and go out and interact with real humans instead.

Also, if you want a laugh, I put on my best Malory Towers voice and filmed a short piece about threesomes in THIS Channel 4 show last week.