Autumn mumblings

A long overdue update (yet again). Am so sorry. I’m currently writing my new book, which mostly means getting up, although not actually getting dressed, and sitting at my desk in my Sainsbury’s pyjama bottoms and an old jersey, sometimes mittens depending on the temperature in my house, and tapping away at my computer until I decide I should brush my teeth and stick my head outside for some fresh air. Sometimes this isn’t until well into the afternoon.

After a break from my desk and a quick trip to Cornwall last weekend, I stuck up something on Instagram (@sophiamcoutts if you fancy pictures of the foxes in my garden), which prompted a lovely Australian lady to say could I post my Sunday Telegraph column on there. HERE is a link to all of them if you like. I’m v bad at posting stuff I’ve written on social media. Partly uselessness, partly the lurking belief that it’s incredibly narcissistic to shout ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK LOOK LOOK WHAT I’VE WRITTEN!’ partly fear of being laughed at on Twitter. Feeble, I know. Will endeavour to be better. Here’s a piece I’ve written in today’s Style mag about bikini waxing in which I compare my down below to Uncle Fester, if you fancy it.

What else can I update you on? If anyone needs a book recommendation, can I suggest Still Life by Sarah Winman which I finished recently and has shot straight into my top five books. The most wonderful story with a cast of completely entrancing characters, mostly set in Florence. It made me want to go there in November and finish my new book in a Florentine pensione in a sort of fanciful, artistic way, but then I realised my passport has expired and I needed a new one. So Florence is on hold since I’m waiting for that to come back. I can’t tell you how bad the photo is. I made an effort and everything – dried my hair, put on some slap, went up to the post office in Crystal Palace where they took a snap of me and I made them take another one, because the first photo was so bad. But then the second was even worse and I was too embarrassed to ask them to take a third one, so pretty soon I’ll be the proud owner of a new passport in which I resemble a human pug. Still, at least the passport will be blue*.

*This is a joke. Please do not come at me about Brexit.

OH and I recently interviewed the magnificent Sophie Kinsella to celebrate the launch of her new book. Find our witterings here.