Being Princess Margaret

So I was Princess Margaret for a day for You mag which mostly involved bossing my family about and asking someone how many pint glasses he could hang from his penis. We shot it at The Dorchester a few months ago in the Oliver Messel suite, pertinent because Messel was one of the 1920’s ‘bright young things’ who became one of the 20th century’s most celebrated set-designers-turned-interior-designers. He did up PM’s house in Mustique along with various others out there. He was a big fan of a tassel. And chintz.

There were jewels, there was a tiara, there were flesh-coloured knickers for the bath shot. It was a riot and I feel hugely honoured to have been on the cover. My mother’s favourite picture is the one in the hat because she thinks I look like Miss Marple, which wasn’t exactly the point, but there’s no pleasing some. You can read it and laugh at the pictures HERE.