Two columns and an interview with the most charming man in London

TEAM, so slow. Sorry. I’ve been INCREDIBLY slow for all sorts of good reasons I promise. I went to New York for work, then I came back to London for two days before going to Spain for Easter (tough life etc etc), then I was supposed to fly home to London again on Easter Monday but I was suddenly ill and had to delay my flight for two days. Phew. Still with me? Anyway, here I am, typing this on another Ryanair flight on my way back to Luton. Although at least I’ve got an aisle seat on this one (this will only make sense once you’ve read my Sunday Telegraph column from the weekend, which is HERE. The column for the weekend before that is HERE.)

I’m also v. chuffed to say I’ve got a piece in this month’s High Life, the inflight mag for British Airways. They asked me to write something loosely based around the Royal wedding and so I came up with the idea of an interview with the most charming man in London. Read it below and you’ll get it, I hope. He’s heavenly, is David. I met him some years ago at Ascot (what an appalling line, so sorry, but we did honestly meet there), and went for dinner with him at the hotel not long afterwards. That was when he taught me how to eat chips as Heston Blumenthal apparently taught him. What you do is get a triple-fried chip, run it through a dish of creamed potatoes so the chip is wearing the mash like a little hat, then stick a nub of butter on top of the hat. About a million calories a chip but it was sublime – crisp, creamy and buttery all at the same time. I couldn’t fit that story into the interview but I felt you should all know about it.