The Plus One…an update

Hugely exciting and surreal week. Yesterday I went into Harper Collins to sign copies of my book ahead of advance copies being sent out. I was mostly worried about my handwriting and after three hours of signing my signature looked like an ink spill BUT the good thing about writing a book is that your name is already on it as a little clue. So hopefully nobody will get confused upon receiving their copy and think ‘What the hell is this and why has a child scribbled all over it?’ And then later that day I got an email from my agent saying Slovakia has just bought it, which means it’s now being published in the UK, Germany, France, Brazil, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Just…mad. I’m sorry for being cheesy but it is proper pinch myself stuff.

Off to New York tomorrow for a piece so got to go pack and spend the usual five hours overturning my flat looking for my passport. Such fun that bit. Never travel without it.