Ho ho ho…

It was Christmas jersey day at Tatler and I was channeling Macaulay Culkin. The younger version obvs, not poor old Macaulay today.

You can see more of the team HERE.

The night before, it was the Tatler Christmas party. One colleague, who I won’t name, was worried about being spotted in public after the TV show Posh People. ‘We are so going to get papped,’ he or she said. I asked him or her if they wanted me to ring ahead and ask if they could go in a back door of the Sloane Square club Tonteria, where the party was. But he or she said that wouldn’t be necessary.

As it turns out, we didn’t get papped. And that is perhaps fortunate as I drank 3628 margaritas and got my angel wings caught in the door of the cab when I went home. Pictures HERE.