I’ve been eating Hot Cross buns

The trouble with being very behind with posting things on here is that I don’t have an excuse. Sorry, I’ve been…er…eating hot cross buns in the kitchen. Sorry, I’ve been watching the second series of Save Me in bed. Sorry, I’ve been learning how to use my new Kindle which, it turns out, is brilliantly easy to use in the bath. I always assumed you couldn’t use them in the bath in case you dropped them BUT actually the new ones are waterproof. I wouldn’t dunk them like a sponge but they’re fine to grip with damp fingers.

So that’s mostly what I’ve been up to. Oh also and posting silly pictures on Instagram every day to publicise the fact that the paperback of What Happens Now? is out a week today. My favourites so far are Gandhi and Prince Charles. So very kind of them both to read it.

My Standard column from Monday is HERE. Please do join me on Twitter next Thursday evening (16th) from 7pm for a drink to celebrate the publication. I’m supposed to be working out an order of play for the hour and still haven’t done that yet. On my to do list…

Most of all I just hope you’re all well and can have some sort of a happy Easter despite everything going on.