On location with the MAGNIFICENT Amelia Troubridge

This was in Llandudno over the weekend for a Tatler shoot. If you look at a map, Llandudno is about the most northern point in Wales you can get to. It is a VERY long drive from London even if you belt up the M40 at 120mph for much of the way (Just joking, Mums).

I was pretty excited to get there, as you can see from the entirely natural shot below. Nevermind that the hotel behind me was very much like the hotel in The Witches – a bit seasidey and creepy. ‘You may reee-moof your Vigs!’ etc.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 20.24.28


Anyway, Amelia is one of my favourite photographers to work with because she is:

a) totally mad.

b) unspeakably brilliant.

c) demanding and shouts for things like double macchiatos and Wi-Fi in small Welsh tea rooms.

Her website is HERE and her new book – Joan of Arc Had Style – is out this week. It’s all about powerful women. Grrr.

Amelia lolling about on Llandudno pier

Amelia lolling about on Llandudno pier