Ziggy Stardust make-up, kind of

So various Tatler guinea pigs road-tested various make-up looks from the SS15 shows and we wrote about it HERE. I got off v lightly.

Some of you may not know what SS15 means. I didn’t understand these fashion codes for years. Basically, SS15 stands for Spring/Summer 2015 and it refers to the fashion collections that we should all be wearing* now, but which appeared on the catwalk in New York/London/Milan/Paris last September.

Right now, meanwhile, there are fashion shows going on for the AW15 collections, which stands for Autumn/Winter 2015 and means the catwalks are full of clothes that we should be wearing* from September onwards. God knows what they’ll be. Bubble wrap trousers maybe. Shoes made out of green beans. Jerseys spun from the hair of a rare virgin goat found only on one, specific mountain in the Himalayas. You know, accessible, wearable pieces like that.

*I use the words ‘should all be wearing’ lightly, because obviously most of us will not be wearing any of them.