The Millennial Love podcast and the first official review’s in

Lloyd often tells me I have a laugh like Brian Blessed and having listened back to a bit of this podcast – it’s HERE – I sliiiiiightly agree. (Vain to listen to yourself on a podcast? I think maybe it is.) But anyway I loved chatting with Rachel and Olivia and discussing the book, dating someone from a different background to you, my habit of judging men on their shoes and what posh even means these days. Which is a topic that always makes me nervous because I fear making a terrible joke and ending up as some sort of vilified figure on Twitter. BURN HER, OFF WITH HER HEAD etc. So hopefully I haven’t done that…

Also, the Evening Standard ran the first official review of TPO yesterday which was – hurrah – lovely. Read it HERE. I told myself I wasn’t going to read anything good or bad a few weeks ago. That way, if someone wrote something horrible, I wouldn’t know and I could just carry on without regurgitating lines in my head. But my publishers sent me a reassuring email yesterday with the Evening Standard link in it so I mean I kind of HAD to read it. Oh and if you want to read about my interview with Bryn the falcon inseminator that Frankie mentions, click on the link HERE.

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