Trying not to swear on the radio

A manic but totally joyful day yesterday running around London doing a radio show and podcasts. Very exciting but it was q hot (again) and I sweat when I’m nervous. Can’t help it. Always have. Feel slightly nervous about something, burst from every pore as if Niagara Falls. It’s a particularly alluring quality on dates.

What happened yesterday was that I went from BBC 5 Live in the morning, to Brixton to record a podcast about growing up called Adulting with the wonderful Oenone Forbat, then to High St Ken to record a podcast called Millennial Love with its hosts, Rachel and Olivia. They were all lovely, but being anxious about saying the wrong thing or swearing on air, I sweated pretty consistently from 10am until 5pm.

THEN I went home, potentially quite dangerously dehydrated by this point, had a mouthful of water and went straight to the pub where I drank too much rosé. So I woke up this morning feeling grim. Serves me right.

As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’ve been neurotic about The Plus One coming out. Will anyone like it etc etc. So days like yesterday are v special. And I’ve just found out that Red has included The Plus One in their round-up of best books for August too, which is pretty wonderful.

(NB. Podcasts out later this week, will put links up here when I have ’em.)