This weekend’s column

LOOK how efficient I’m being. It’s 12.44pm on Sunday and I’m putting my column up now instead of four days later like usual. What a festive treat for you all. Read it HERE.

Two other things about Sandringham:

  1. When it was announced that Kate and William were shifting to Anmer in Norfolk some years ago, I was sent up there for a Tatler piece on what the locals etc thought about it. And when I asked one crusty old toff about Sandringham he thundered: ‘Ugliest house in Britain.’ So I’ve included a picture of a snowy Sandringham for you to judge yourself. I *think* I’ve seen worse, but each to their own.
  2. When I actually went round Sandringham on the same visit, I was standing in one of the drawing rooms when my eye fell upon a cushion. ‘Good shots never grow old, they just pick up less birds,’ it said. Let’s not dwell on the grammatical problem with that sentence. The point is, standing there, in Sandringham, I sniggered. Whereupon a hovering member of staff remarked: ‘Prince Harry gave that to the Duke of Edinburgh for Christmas one year.’ And I have chuckled about this ever since. (I don’t get out much etc etc etc.)