What Happens Now?

This isn’t a post detailing an existential crisis. It is, as you should all jolly well know by now, the title of my second novel which is OUT ON 8TH AUGUST AND YOU CAN PREORDER IT HERE. I went into the swanky Harper C offices at London Bridge yesterday to sign many proofs. Proofs are the early versions of the books that are sent to press for reviews in due course (yikes) and Important People like Queen Jilly Cooper and Queen Marian Keyes and Queen India Knight with the (hopeful) aim of gathering lovely quotes which can go on the front of said book. ‘Laughed so hard I pulled a muscle,’ is what someone v kindly said about The Plus One on Twitter yesterday which really made me lol. I feel so very, very lucky at the moment.

Anyway, then I got back from the office and had an exciting phone call with someone in LA about…work (is that incredibly coy and annoying? It is, isn’t it? Sorry. It’s a bit like when someone says ‘I’ve got a secret but I can’t tell you,’ and you want to poke their eyes out). Then I tried to go to sleep circa 11pm-ish, took half a sleeping pill to knock me out at 12.21am but woke up at 4.02am and remembered how exciting yesterday was all over again, which woke me up entirely. So now I am writing this back in bed because I need to be on good form for a dinner with the MAGNIFICENT BOOK BUYERS of Sainsbury’s tonight, who have taken lots of The Plus One for its paperback release next Thursday. I love Sainsbury’s and Asda as they have also taken lots of copies and WH Smith and basically everyone who has been so lovely and supportive.

Lord. Is it possible to be drunk on tiredness? Maybe that’s what I am.