A thing about George Osborne

I Instagrammed this picture of George Osborne at the despatch box recently because I thought he looked quite masterful and handsome.

Obviously everyone else was appalled by this. ‘HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH A THING HE’S A BENEFIT-CUTTING, BANKER-SHAGGING, CHILD-EATING BASTARD,’ was the general reaction.

And then this week in the Tatler office, we discovered Bystander pictures from his 21st birthday as part of our ongoing project to upload dusty old pictures from our archive.

I think it’s safe to say I might not have fancied 21-year-old Gideon George, but I do like the fact that his 21st birthday cake was a replica of his Oxford college, Magdalen. Beating the women off, he must have been.

HERE is a link to the pictures.

And HERE is something the Spectator have written about what was presumably 1992’s bash of the year.

Anyway cheers everyone, it’s the weekend and I’m on holiday. Again.