A thing about my MOT, again

Annual things I dislike:

My birthday. A day when you’re supposed to be deliriously happy at being a year older AND all that boring pressure to throw yourself a party. Not for me. I’d rather stay at home and eat a Colin the Caterpillar cake by myself.

Halloween. Increasingly out of control and sillier every year. I blame the model Heidi Klum for this. But I also blame all of America. Halloween was the ‘favourite holiday’ of an American ex-boyfriend of mine and his Halloween costume usually involved a giant Afro wig. Amazingly we went out for three years.

Getting my car MOT-ed. I dread this most of all and TODAY’S THE DAY. It’s just the sheer inevitability that I am about to be fleeced. Also, when I went into the garage this morning, the mechanic’s phone rang with the Godfather theme tune. I took this as a bad omen. Click HERE for what I wrote last year on the topic.

I’m delighted to announce, however, that by the time I had reached my office this morning the garage had rung to say my car had already been MOT-ed and was in ‘excellent condition’. I honestly feel like I’ve been given five million pounds. So I’ll probably go shopping and spend that amount at lunch because that’s how it works.