What an idle toe-rag – a whole MONTH since I posted anything. Forgive me, I had theeeeeeee most wonderful time in Norfolk for Christmas, then went to Sri Lanka for new year and a proper break from my laptop. It was the happiest of holidays and I laughed and ate curry solidly for eight days, then came back and got straight into editing my new book (THE WISH LIST IS OUT THIS SUMMER).

I’m also working on a couple of other exciting new projects atm and supposed to be moving house any second (although am yet to pack a single item into a single box) so it’s been a bit hectic. But good hectic.

Basically, all of this rambling is an excuse to say although I have written various bits and pieces in the past month which I’d normally post here, I need to change my sheets tonight and I quite want to have a bath. So if you’re desperate to read them you’ll have to hunt ’em down on Google, sorry. I just wanted to pop up now and say ‘Hi!’ and I hope life is happy for you too. But normal service – ie me posting columns etc on here – should resume from now on. I think. I hope. If I can get my act together. I went into Waterstones to buy a new notebook today and realised that Moleskin notebooks are now SEVENTEEN POUNDS NINETY NINE. So I walked across the Tottenham Court Road and bought one from Hema for £1.50 instead and I strongly believe that this lovely, fresh new notebook will be the answer to everything*. I will become a much more efficient person who dutifully writes everything down and can manage her time properly. So here goes.

*Unlike the 839 notebooks I’ve bought before it.